There are endless ways to utilize astrology on a daily basis. When starting out, trying to keep track of transits, aspects, new moons, full moons can feel overwhelming. But did you know that astrology is already woven into our modern lives?

The ancient Babylonians are responsible for organizing their calendar into the seven day week that we are familiar with today. The Babylonians relied heavily on astrology in all facets of life. They are the first civilization to record their astrological techniques. The roots of modern day astrology date back to the traditional astrology practiced by the Babylonians. And did you know each day of the week corresponds to a planet? Back then the planets were revered as a Gods and each day provided an opportunity to invoke the energy of a specific sky God.

The origins of our “work week” have faded away behind the noise of the head-down-barrel-through mentality of our current culture. But as we find ourselves tiring of the burden to “rise and grind,” it can be an empowering practice to infuse mindfulness and intentionality to combat the menotomy.Honoring the planetary days is a great way to build your schedule to leverage the support of each day. Engaging is specific activities, wearing certain colors, setting particular daily intentions or rituals are small ways to be in alignment with the astrology of the week.

Monday - Moon Day

Tuesday - Mars Day

Wednesday - Mercury Day

Thursday - Jupiter Day

Friday - Venus Day

Saturday - Saturn Day

Sunday - Sun Day



Don’t get me started on what a terrible move it is starting the work week on a Monday! Sunday’s wouldn’t be so scary if we let Monday’s be what they’re meant to… Moon-y.

The Moon, an emotional and intuitive force and dictates the flow of our inner landscape. The Moon requires space to be and feel. To shift and move with the changing tides of our moods. Themes of home and nurturing are highlighted on Monday.

Honoring Moon Day may look like

Fulfill Your Basic Needs

Going with the Flow

Feeling your Feelings

Set Intentions for the Week


Taking Care of Things Around the House

To call on the energy of the Moon


Drink Extra Water

Wear White or Light Blue



Mars is the ruler of action, impulse, and initiation. HELLLOOOO! Doesn’t that sound like that energy should be at the START of the week? Mars day provides us with the drive to get up and go. Charged with doing energy. Themes of courage, willpower, and assertiveness are highlighted on Tuesday.

Honoring Mars may look like

Get Started on a Project

Continue Progress on Something

Make Decisions

Stand Up for Yourself

Calling on the energy of Mars

Physical Activity

Wear Red



In the middle of the week we find our stride, because our minds are finally awake. Mercury rules our mental processes: planning, analyzing, organizing, communicating, and generally interfacing with the outside world. On Mercury day our minds are active and energized. Themes of all things rational and cerebral are highlighted on Wednesdays.

Honoring Mercury may look like

Work that involves writing or clear communication

Scheduling/planning ahead

Solving problems

Tending to details

Administrative work

Calling on the energy of Mercury



Wear yellow



Thursday is our lucky day. Jupiter rules abundance and expansion. Jupiter day is saturated with an uplifted energy and buoyancy. Our faith in ourselves is strong. Themes of growth are highlighted on Thursdays.

Honoring Jupiter may look like

Learning something new

Travel (cosmically a great day to travel!)

Spiritual work

Taking a risk

Inspiring others

Calling on the energy of Jupiter

Express gratitude

Reflect on personal accomplishments

Wear purple



Even just thinking about Friday makes you light up doesn’t it? Venus ruler of love, relationships, and beauty. Creativity is at an all time high, as is our eye for beauty. Fridays are for romance in all forms, whether you are wooing yourself or something else - it’s Friday and you’re in love. Themes of connection and pleasure are in the air.

Honoring Venus may look like

Getting dressed up for a night out (or in)

Cooking or sharing a delicious meal

Hot dates

Watching romantic comedies

Making others feel appreciated

Calling in the energy of Venus

Listen to love songs

Do something creative

Wear green or pink



Anyone else feel it's hard to live up to Saturday’s high expectations, or is that just me? Saturn ruler of structure, boundaries, and karma. Saturday is a day of fulfilling duties and taking care of anything you neglected to during the week (there’s the karma part). Themes of responsibilities are highlighted.

Honoring Saturn may look like

Running errands

Setting/tending to long term goals

Tying up loose ends from the week

Working hard, so you can play hard

Setting yourself up for success in the coming week

Calling in the energy of Saturn

Making a to-do list

Wear black



Sunday funday is right! Sundays are for YOU. The Sun rules the essence of you, your ego and life force energy. Sundays are for feeling home in the self and moving through the day in alignment with your vitality. The theme of self and identity are activated.

Honoring Sun Day may look like

Be yourself!

Expressing yourself

Doing whatever you want

Calling in the energy of the Sun

Shine bright

Wear yellow

The practice of honoring the planetary days can be as simple or layered as you desire. There’s no wrong way to do it.

Bringing more nuance by considering the sign that the planet of the day is currently moving through or thinking about where the planet falls in your chart by sign and house.

Taking into account where the planet currently sits: Mars transits Aries on a Mars day calls for JUST DOING THE THINGS. GO! DO! INITIATE!

Or considering how your natal placement operates and reacts: Mars in Aries on a Mars day is big initiative energy, but my natal Mars in Taurus needs to work at it’s own pace. So making space for action on my timeline.

Is the planet retrograde? A Mercury day during a Mercury Retrograde may feel a little extra wonky. If you are working with the planetary day of a retrograde planet, build in a little extra grace for yourself.

The planetary days also provide a platform to be kind to yourself during tense astrological times. Are you going through a difficult transit? As the planet is activated by the day of the week, so are the conversations that planet is engaged in within your chart. Saturn return folks can expect Saturdays to feel extra heavy or restricting. Moving through a Mars square? Tuesday’s may be a time to utilize some self-soothing techniques as Mars in conflict has NO CHILL.

Play with different ways to reflect the planetary days throughout the week. Over time, you may recognize patterns that help you continue to optimize your day-to-day in a way that serves and supports you.