Hello Hello Scorpians, September is your time to check-in with your network and friends. See how everyone is doing and bring your deep insight into conversations and connections. By mid-month, the Sun will be working positively with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, all moving through your communication house. So, you are really being called on to verbalize or write out your thoughts and intuitive hits. Mercury is in your 12th house with its little psychic antennae beaming into the cosmos. You are picking up on things others can't see or hear. If you have felt stagnant or like you lost your voice for a bit, Jupiter's and Saturn's direct stations will help you distill the talking points of the transformations you have been experiencing.

With Aries ruling your house of health, you may usually find you have energy or stamina to take on whatever you need to do, but Mars will be retrograde here, so if your body starts calling for some attention or for you to slow down – listen.

Scorpio September Focus: Connection