Hi Libras, the Sun is headed to you at the end of the month! Before then, it's harnessing its light in your 12th house of spirituality. It's traditionally a spot in the zodiac where its powers are a little muted, so you will need to bring your conscious attention there. Especially if your spiritual work or routine normally operates on auto-pilot or under the radar altogether. How are you doing? On the soul level? You have been dealing with all the Capricorn placements in your house of home and heritage – have issues arose? If so, you will benefit from moving through them in a more profound way. Use this time before your birthday to dig a little deeper, get a plan in place, or focus on healing and releasing. Mars is also reluctantly moving retrograde in your house of partnerships. Making this all a considerable time for processing what has been happening over the last few months with your most sacred and close nit ties and family.

Libra September Focus: Self Love