Hello dear Crab! Your love life and home life have been getting a lot of attention this year, which is no different this month. There is some back-and-forth energy between balancing the needs of your family and action you need to take in your career. Things may have felt slow-going in your career as of late as Mars (planet of action, desire, momentum) is moving backward there for you, but that will begin to change mid-month and really pick up in December. So right now, you can still give your home life the attention it's asking for, taking time and intention with your nearest and dearest. If you have gone through a breakup or divorce this year, the relationship needing tending maybe with yourself and your environment. The new moon midmonth is planting the seeds of a creative project that by mid-December, Venus will also go over and nourish and give her divine love and attention to. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month will change something profound for you spiritually. Perhaps finally letting go of a subconscious pattern or loop that has been holding you back in feeling free and powerful in your daily life.