FEB 2021 COSMIC UPDATE: One Conscious Step At A Time Creates A Leap In Divine Time

Happy February everyone!

February 2021 may start with a bit of a cosmic hangover, a combination of the powerful Leo Full Moon (some may have reached energetic peaks and just like la luna now find themselves waning) followed by the start of Mercury retrograde, which can always make us feel a little foggy and muddled.

This month we are gifted with Mercury’s Retrograde motion in Aquarius. That’s right, I called Mercury Retrograde a gift. In Aquarius this retrograde encourages us to hone in on the areas of our charts and lives which are experiencing the dual transit of Saturn and Jupiter this year. These next few weeks are a powerful gift from the cosmos. This is about you, me, and we. It’s about understanding the healing that needs to take place, so the expansion and miracles can be birthed from a firm foundation.

For as long as I have been writing about astrology (7 plus years!) I have talked about the importance of being mindful during this transit and harness each retro’s unique energies to work with the flow of the cosmos. You can read my Huffington Post piece from 2014 here for some timeless tips and do’s for this transit. I have also written a separate post in the Member Realm on Mercury’s retrograde with journal prompts and a Soulstrology zodiac guide for each sign. I highly recommend diving deep into the journal prompts and listening to the curated Soulstrology Soundbaths to energetically tap into the cosmic energies of this retrograde.

Now there are likely to be times this month where we feel as though we are taking one step forward, only to take two backwards – that’s the nature of Mercury retrograde – plus the reality of the integration process that is taking place, both in our lives individually and in the world at large.

Here is where the Soulstrology theme for this month comes in: ‘One conscious step at a time creates a leap in divine time’.
I encourage you to live the Soulstrology theme for the month and indeed to use it as your mantra. Trust that you taking one conscious step at a time will create a leap in your life and the world, in divine time.

So often we humans focus too much on the external. We make an emotional or energetic shift, do something different and expect our lives to change overnight. And the same goes for the world. We may think that one ‘leader’ being disposed of, or a change in administration solves the majority of the problems, but of course it doesn’t.

There is still a bigger shift in consciousness that needs to take place within the collective. More than ever, we all need to be truly conscious and live and act with full awareness. It is this combination of awareness and action that create change, both in our lives and the world at large.

The Great Winter Solstice Conjunction created a portal for deep change and an entirely new paradigm, but it is up to us to now take the energy from the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn and do something with it.

Personally, I found the Great Conjunction very powerful, but certainly not a magic wand that transformed everything in my life. However, it resulted in a powerful shift that allows me to see my old patterns and conditioning right away, as though I am observing myself (almost outside my body) and I am able to stop myself and make a conscious choice not to act from this place, and get the same old result in my life. It’s fascinating, liberating, and also a lot of work. I have been diving deep into my subconscious mind with self-hypnosis meditations and visualizations and it has been POWERFUL to unravel decades of conditioning and some of the tougher aspects in my chart. I am very much looking forward to sharing some of these meditations with you all in two live events for the New and Full Moon this month, as well as a new Soulstrology Soundbath that will drop in the Member Realm on Valentine’s Day, also known as World Sound Healing Day. Until then, remember - one conscious step at a time, creates a leap in divine time.

May we all live with true consciousness and act with awareness and may this have a ripple effect on our beloved world.

Ambi x


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