CAPRICORN NEW MOON JAN 2021: Death and Rebirth

Hello everyone and happy almost New Moon.

I don’t think I need to tell you all what a truly unprecedented and extraordinary time we are living in not just with the global pandemic but also here in the United States with the events of the last week. While I had my eye on the astrological aspects of Inauguration Day as bringing an explosive energy, the events of last Wednesday brought my worst fears to fruition earlier than anticipated. While I hope (and am praying) that things won’t boil over further, I am also bracing myself. Just as the Covid 19 virus was not correctly contained and so went on to spread rapidly around the world resulting in a global pandemic, so too, a line has been crossed some time ago that can never be uncrossed and resulted in the horror we all witnessed and future horrors - whether next week or in the year(s) to come. Like a crescendo it has been building for the last five years (I include the year prior to 2016 election) and has been unleashed like a beast, not just on America, but on the world.

In spite of this all, and in spite of a somewhat fried nervous system, I want you to know that I am still optimistic and I truly believe in the opportunity that lies amidst this chaos for deep transformation for this country, the global powers that be and of course each of us. And this Capricorn New Moon comes, as usual, in perfect timing to assist with this transformation.

Exactly one year after Saturn and Pluto collided in Capricorn, we have the first New Moon of 2021 in Capricorn. It is no cosmic coincidence to me that these two cosmic events fall on the same day, exactly one year apart.

Nor is it a cosmic coincidence that this New Moon is conjunct Pluto – unceremoniously demoted to a dwarf planet, but still considered a powerful planet for the purposes of astrology.

The astrology of this New Moon – the first of 2021 – is very straightforward. It is that of the energies of Pluto – death and rebirth.

This applies to each of us as individuals and collectively, in particular to the USA who will experience her Pluto return in just over a year on February 19, 2022. Although the USA’s Pluto Return is over a year away, the energies of such an astrological aspect reverberate up to a year beforehand. So, everything that is happening now represent some of the energies of the USA’s Pluto return next February.

Right now, the USA is experiencing destruction of the current Presidency, and also of the GOP in its current form. Some may say that the GOP sold their soul to the ‘Devil’ - an outlier who many of the party showed outright contempt towards until they realized he was about to win their nomination – they played to ‘win’ and are now paying a heavy price - destruction from within. One might say this is simply karmic dues. Or as has been said before in the last year: it is, what it is.

But this isn’t just about one political party, or ‘side’. This is about the soul of America. A resounding death knell has been rung, not just by the hundreds of thousands of lives lost to Covid and the catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic, but also because the world’s greatest super power (and often global police officer) has been shown quite clearly to have deep, deep fault lines that are in the very fabric of the soul of this country. And now those fault lines have been triggered, for the world to see and for America to deal with the aftermath of the soulquake.

And now we have the Capricorn New Moon, with the Presidential Inauguration scheduled to take place within the next lunation, less than a week after the New Moon.

If this time last year the death knell was sounded by Pluto and Saturn’s conjunction, now, the opportunity comes for rebirth. Pluto is the great transformer. He ruthlessly destroys what is decaying (bye old systems and structures) so that it can be rebirthed. He digs deep beneath the surface, deep into the psyche and brings all the sordid secrets and darkness up to be exposed to the light – in order for it to be healed. He regenerates and transforms. Pluto represents power. And in his ‘light’ this is about soulful power. You know those soulfully powerful people you meet who leave a profound impression on you forevermore? That’s the light of Pluto. The shadow of Pluto is power struggles and the wild, reckless behavior that comes with the attempt to control a situation, or others, or to seize or retain power. Ahem.

Thanks to this New Moon and other celestial aspects taking place at this time we will experience both of those energies over the next lunar cycle. With Mars, Saturn and Uranus in hard aspects to each other, it isn’t going to be pretty. In fact, it may get even uglier than we have seen. There will be the energy of death (both literal and metaphorical) pervading the air that we breathe over the next lunation. There will be loss and destruction. But there will also be regeneration, deep transformation and ultimately a rebirth. America will be born again in the next year. And with this rebirth, or in the years following, she may find herself knocked off her top dog global perch. But, regenerated and rebirthed, healed and wiser, she will know in her soul that if this serves the greater good and if she and others are truly better for it, then so must it be.

Of course, what is happening on a macro level is also reflected on a micro level. Over the last year we have been collectively schooled by the pandemic on the power - for better, or worse - of our interconnectedness.

Many of us would also have experienced some type of destruction or loss, and may have struggled (or be struggling) with healing and transforming what has been brought to the surface. We may still be being pummeled by the cosmos and experiencing endings that we do not desire. We too are transforming. We too are understanding what it means to go through a purging process, to experience loss and to accept endings. We too are seeing how the ego clings to attempt to control how it sees our lives should be. And, as a result, we too are seeing any darkness in our psyche be exposed to the light so we may be healed, regenerated and ultimately rebirthed.

We may feel we are in no way connected to the total chaos that we see in the world, but the cosmos teaches us that we are all interconnected and what we are seeing is parts of our collective consciousness erupt into chaos and violence.

It is up to each of us, not to point the finger at another, but to look at our own Plutonic shadow. We need to understand what this Pluto purging process requires from us and tap into the power of our soul to ride the personal waves of transformation.

This Capricorn New Moon falls at 23 degrees of Capricorn and Pluto sits just one degree away at 24 degrees of Capricorn. These are almost exactly the degrees of the famous Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2020. These conjunctions aligned with peaks in the virus, exactly as we are seeing now, as well as mass social unrest and protest. Soulstrology teaches us about the synchronicities and alignment of the cosmos and so it is perfectly aligned that the first New Moon of 2021 not only happens to be in Capricorn but also at the same degrees of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. In its highest octave this conjunction represents soulful power, rebirth and a shift and balancing of the scales of power.

It is my fervent hope that each of us can go through this Plutonic process on an individual level, trusting that our actions to heal, transform, regenerate and rebirth, will have an impact on the collective.

Power is something so many of us seek, whether consciously or subconsciously. Power struggles are something we all engage in to some degree. And letting go is something that even the most seasoned spiritual seekers continue to have to work on.

In the end may all the powers that are, and the powers that will be, and indeed may we all remember the words of Abraham Lincoln;

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to tests a man’s character, give him power.

May all those who come to power in this country and around the world, regardless of their political affiliation, understand the privilege of power and honor this privilege with integrity and love.

And so too may each of us remember this as we navigate this human journey and perhaps find ourselves in positions of power and influence.

For those of you who want to understand how to navigate this New Moon on a personal level with a little cosmic coaching and a message for your sign, please stay tuned for your Soulstrology Scopes.

With love,
Ambi x

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